My Book!

The book is live: I Wish I Had Known: A Former Student’s Guide to University and College

This book is about:

  • Functional areas (financial, edible, social, physical)
  • Academic Life
  • What They Won’t Teach You at University (goals, vision, reading, mentoring, etc.)
  • A Guide to Internships, Summer and Fulltime Jobs
  • Discovering Your Passion
  • Differentiating Traits
  • Lessons from the Other Side (What I Wish I Had Known)

Although I am extremely biased, I can’t help but looking over the table of contents and wishing something like this was available for me when I was heading off. It might not be fully encompassing or a catch-all, but it provides a lot of information on a lot of topics that bugged me.

Find it here:


4 thoughts on “My Book!

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