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How Are You Keeping Track of Lessons?

Every day we learn lessons – some more important than others. We might learn something as basic as proper social conduct, how to hold a fork, or another basic skill – but we might learn something advanced and insightful, like how to offer an employee advice and guidance, how to share bad news, or how … Continue reading

Take a Moment Today

Yesterday while at the gym, I found myself watching an episode of Star Trek on the TV (I know, I am so exceedingly cool…) In this episode, the crew discovers a planet with strange regenerative properties. The chief engineer who is blind (the one who wears the strange visor) has his sight mysteriously restored  so … Continue reading

What Has You Inspired?

Inspiration is something truly mysterious – no one knows what it takes to get inspired, yet everyone knows the feeling of being inspired. You might call it motivation, vision, or anything else, but inspiration is unmistakable; it gives you the energy, passion and persistence to achieve some of life’s greatest challenges. So What Is Inspiration? It’s a question I … Continue reading

10,000 Visits: Looking Back on Lessons Learned

Yesterday I passed an exciting personal landmark – 10,000 visitors to this blog, which I think is awesome! Thank you to everyone for your support. So, what have I learned so far from blogging? A lot actually – let me share the best of them with you here: You won’t know a home-run until after you hit … Continue reading

How Do You Keep Goals Top of Mind?

Goal setting is a great activity – the act of thinking about what you want in life, planning out how to achieve it, and setting those plans in motion. However, I think there are varying degrees within the overall realm of goal setting. Someone who writes down their goals then acts on them daily surely … Continue reading