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How Are You Keeping Track of Lessons?

Every day we learn lessons – some more important than others. We might learn something as basic as proper social conduct, how to hold a fork, or another basic skill – but we might learn something advanced and insightful, like how to offer an employee advice and guidance, how to share bad news, or how … Continue reading

Why I Got Rid of Cable

Last night, I spent a solid 5 minutes removing my TiVo box. I’m getting rid of cable TV (don’t worry, I am keeping the internet – how else would I blog?!). Getting rid of cable is the what, but in this blog post, I wanted to focus more on the why. Why I Got Rid of … Continue reading

Your Benchmark: Who Do You Compete Against?

Before I begin this post, it is important that you realize that I am taking a somewhat extremist view, but bear with me. Arguably, you cannot gauge anything without a comparison or standard level to gauge it against. Water cannot be ‘warm’ without some comparison, i.e. to water that is ‘cold’. Along that line of … Continue reading

What Ideas are You Forgetting?

Every now and then someone asks me how I come up with ideas for my blog posts. It seems strange to them that someone can sit down and come up with an original idea for what to write about – like I can pull them out of a hat. Well here’s the truth: I don’t … Continue reading

What Did You REALLY Get Done Today?

I don’t have any philosophical or long winded arguments today, just one basic question that I was asking myself (in a moment of reflection), and thought I would share with everyone else: “What did I get done today?” A day is easier to analyze then a week, as a month is easier to analyze then … Continue reading