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Get The Most Out of Your Mornings

The morning is an interesting piece of time. I would guess that it has the widest range of productivity across the general population. Some people get a lot done in the morning – they go to the gym, read a couple pages of a book, and make a good breakfast. They have trained themselves to … Continue reading

I Wish I Had Known: You Really Can Fail

This is probably one of the harsher posts of the series, but also one of the most important and I never really fully appreciated it: you really can fail. When I say you really can ‘fail’, I don’t mean get an F on your essay studying the relationship between alcohol and brain power, I mean fail as in you … Continue reading

Momentum Monday: A Book for Action

For today’s Momentum Monday, I don’t have any personal idea’s to share with you – but an insight into my own problems, which I am sure many of you share. For me, the hardest part about implementing change is actually doing it! That seems obvious enough, but the question then arises: what can you do … Continue reading

Momentum Mondays: Think Start-up

For today’s momentum Monday, we are going to do a drill that is more mental than physical, yet I think it’s definitely an exercise worth doing. I always find it enlightening and invigorating to think about business problems – and potential solutions – outside my sphere of expertise. Challenge yourself to think about something you are … Continue reading

Forward Movement Mondays

TGIM! So in the spirit of my post last Friday (TGIM!) I decided that a good idea would be to have one day a week dedicated to something actionable. As great as it is to philosophically stare at the world and remark on what’s works, what doesn’t, and what we can do about it, at … Continue reading