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How Are You Building a Community?

‘Community’ must be one of the top 10 buzz words right now for almost every company, firm and business in operation. Mark Zuckerburg said you can’t build a community – you can only find one that is currently communicating and give them a platform to communicate better. I would add to that – you can … Continue reading

Creating an Online Brand: How?

So, in my last post, we talked about the importance of having an online brand. The gist is: it shows what you are interested in, and the depth of your interest. It shows you have an opinion, and can articulate that opinion – it shows how serious you really are (yes, I notice the self … Continue reading

What Does Your Online Brand Say?

Have you tried Googling yourself lately? If you haven’t – go try now. What did it turn up? Do you show up? I realize it might be harder for some of us than others to get into the first page; if you have a common name such as John Smith, you are most likely out … Continue reading