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Book Review: Inside Apple

Apple has always been a very secretive company. Sure, you know their products, but other than that, it’s a pretty closed off environment. Even their software is closed off to the general public, at a time when open source is all the rage. Inside Apple is the first real glimpse into how Apple is run … Continue reading

Book Review: Built to Last

Built to Last is the follow up publication of Good to Great. Whereas the latter asked the question, “How do you turn good results into great results?” the former (and topic of this post) is about turning those great results into an enduring company. Personally, I found Built to Last the better of the two. … Continue reading

Book Review: Rework

Rework is written by the founders of 37Signals, the company that specializes in software and brought us Ruby on Rails (a programming API). The book is written as a ‘rules of thumb’ book, categorized into several sections by topical area. These include: Takedowns Go Progress Productivity Competitors Evolution Promotion Hiring Damage Control Culture As far as … Continue reading

Book Review: Switch

The second in the two part reading series (see my earlier post on Made to Stick), is Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Chip & Dan Heath. Although a good read, the book was not as strong as the previous (my thought is that, on the success of Made to Stick, the publisher insisted … Continue reading

Book Review: Made to Stick

So, I have fallen a little behind on writing the reviews, but it was for good measure – the most recent two books I read were written by the same authors, and had similar content. They were: Made to Stick, and Switch by Chip & Dan Heath. The second review, Switch will come shortly after this one. Made to Stick chronicles … Continue reading

Review: The Art of the Start

As I read more and more, I have begun to notice a few key trends in what I would deem good, actionable books. Firstly, they are very open about referencing where they got some of their big ideas from (hopefully not all their big ideas). This is good for two reasons, one, it gives authenticity … Continue reading

Review: Tribal Leadership

The next book I took a read through was Tribal Leadership. At first, I enjoyed the book. It was something specific (unlike many business books that are all over the place), covered a functional area, and gave specific and actionable steps to take in the real world. However, I think the book could of been … Continue reading

Review: What Would Google Do

 So this will be the first book review I do, partly to help me retain the information and contents of the book, but also to keep me honest and up to schedule on my book list. So here it goes, my review of Jeff Jarvis’s What Would Google Do. In my humble opinion the core … Continue reading