About Me


I originally started the blog as a way to force myself to materialize and formalize my thoughts. I try to stay somewhat focused on this blog – on business, technology, culture, and the financial markets – everything I am encountering as I enter the start-up world.

I went to Wilfrid Laurier University from 2007-2011, majoring in Business, getting the opportunity to participate in the co-op program. I worked first at an accounting firm, Stern Cohen LLP, a great experience, but not something I could see myself doing for the foreseeable future. From there I had two great interships at Smuckers Foods, working with the Digital Marketing team and the Sales team. My final internship was with RBC Capital Markets in Toronto, working on the cash equities desk. After that internship, I was offered a job in New York City working in a dual role – in equity sales & trading and electronic sales & trading. The experience was phenomenal, and I got the chance to meet some of the brightest, most enjoyable people of my professional career. However, after my boss departed, I got a chance to reflect and decided the financial industry was not for me – I wanted to create something to call my own, to be part of something bigger.

I went back to Waterloo, Ontario, to explore that interest. There I got the chance to work with a great startup, Vidyard.com, and learn the in’s and out’s of building a team, creating a culture, growing a business, and innovating continually. In March, I got a call, and was on my way back to New York City.

I joined the team at IEX Group as a co-founder. IEX is trying to solve the conflicts of interest in the equity markets by launching a new trading venue, and had a great article in the WSJ that you can find here.

This blog is s a collection of my thoughts, ponderings, and queries into life. Feel free to leave comments and feedback, they are both always appreciated!


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