The New Purpose of my Blog

When something has a purpose, it is much easier to define the direction. When you know where you want to get, it’s a lot easier to figure out how to get there.

This blog started as a collection of random ponderings and thoughts. I will admit, at the start it was unfocused, scattered and random. However, something great happened a few months in – with the help of a couple thoughtful suggestions I retargeted the blog as a way to incrementally write a book of  lessons learned while at University (you can find that book here:

The New Purpose

So, as I wrap up the book on University, I started wondering what the new purpose of my blog would be. As I start a new chapter of my life creating the very first company I will run (hopefully the first of many!), nothing seems more applicable and better timed.

So, that will be it: in this blog I will share the day to day lessons, trials and insights I gain, so that if anyone out there ever decides to start a company, perhaps they can take some guidance from my journey, which I hope to document here.

So, tune in tomorrow to see what we have in store!

Blair Livingston


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