Posted in September 2012

How Are You Keeping Track of Lessons?

Every day we learn lessons – some more important than others. We might learn something as basic as proper social conduct, how to hold a fork, or another basic skill – but we might learn something advanced and insightful, like how to offer an employee advice and guidance, how to share bad news, or how … Continue reading

Take a Moment Today

Yesterday while at the gym, I found myself watching an episode of Star Trek on the TV (I know, I am so exceedingly cool…) In this episode, the crew discovers a planet with strange regenerative properties. The chief engineer who is blind (the one who wears the strange visor) has his sight mysteriously restored  so … Continue reading

Learn or Improve

Growing as a person is an invaluable and essential goal to seeking happiness, success, and of course, fortune. The opposite of growth is decay, which leads to unhappiness, indifference, and trouble. I would actually argue that not growing is almost as bad as decay, as the simple lack of growth can be equally debilitating. However, … Continue reading