What Has You Inspired?

Inspiration is something truly mysterious – no one knows what it takes to get inspired, yet everyone knows the feeling of being inspired. You might call it motivation, vision, or anything else, but inspiration is unmistakable; it gives you the energy, passion and persistence to achieve some of life’s greatest challenges.

So What Is Inspiration?

It’s a question I have grappled with at lengths myself. I truly feel that inspiration is like any other bodily need – it needs to be recharged. Just like the need to eat and drink to remain sustained: you need to constantly be seeking out and finding sources of inspiration.

Why do you think the Group of Seven (arguably some of the greatest painters that ever lived) owned a train car? It was likely so that they could travel the country side independently, finding inspiration among nature to fuel their next masterpiece.

However, even those of us that are not artists need to find inspiration to fuel our pursuits. Maybe it is a picture of the life you want to live, maybe a feat you want to accomplish, maybe a vision of an industry you want to irrevocably change – whatever it is, we all need the inspiration to carry us through that trying moments.

A final piece of advice about finding inspiration: it is a visual and visceral resource. Inspiration is best found, kept and renewed with the use of visual aids. Maybe it is a picture of your desired future, maybe a beautiful getaway, maybe the yacht you want to one day own. Maybe it’s a picture of an intellectual great you aspire to, maybe a mock-up Nobel Prize with your name on it – whatever it is, make it visual and make it vivid.

Progress and innovation are much easier to move towards once you are inspired – it will provide you with the fuel necessary to achieve your dreams. So, what will keep you inspired?


Blair Livingston


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