Turn an Internship into a Full Time Job

There are several ways to get a fulltime job, but turning an internship into one is among the easiest. Here are a few ways to assist the process:

  1. Do very well on your internship – whether or not you want a full time job after, if you don’t do an excellent job on your internship, you have very little chance of getting the full time job that follows it. Internships are essentially a four month interview – so do everything to improve your odds.
  2. Make it clear – a lot of interns think their boss is psychic; that he can somehow know whether or not they want to return after they graduate. It is very important that you make an effort to point out to your boss that you want to return as a full time employee in the future. Don’t be aggressive or demanding, just point out that if at all possible, given your enjoyment of your internship, you would love to join the team full time if there are any openings.
  3. Help with Recruiting – this might seem counter intuitive, but if you can help with recruiting (screening resumes, recommending interns to take over when you go back to school, etc.), you will greatly improve your odds. It’s less about what the activity entails, and more about your boss realizing how much they trust you – enough to let you screen applicants. Additionally, by getting involved with the recruiting process you will also meet the people who will eventually end up interviewing you!
  4. Go Above and Beyond – this might go without saying, but in order to get noticed (and get a full time offer) you need to go above and beyond. This means doing the work that others don’t want to. This means staying late and coming in early (you only have to do it for four months!). This means asking for work, rather than waiting to be told what to do. Go above and beyond whenever possible.
  5. Get another internship – if you’re early on in your university career, rather than asking for a full time job, it makes more sense to ask for another internship. This is great for two reasons. Firstly, it shows anyone looking at your resume that they liked your enough to ask you back. That is hugely positive signalling to a potential employer. Secondly, your odds of getting a fulltime job skyrocket after getting a second internship. Again, it’s another four month interview, but you’ve now made it to the second round.
  6. Stay in touch – this is the piece that most students fail to do. Stay in touch with your co-workers and boss. Add value to their lives – let them know about potential recruiting opportunities on campus, or events they might like to get involved with. Then when you are applying (if you are applying to the same firm or elsewhere), let them know and ask for any advice they might have. You never know what they will share with you!

Overall, the process of turning an internship into a full time job is pretty straightforward if done right. First, do an amazing job during your internship. Then, stay in touch with your co-workers and boss – if possible, get another internship. Finally, let your boss know you are applying, highlight the successes of your internship in your application, and prepare well for the interview. After that, it’s out of your hands.


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