Can’t Find, Don’t Have, Won’t Make – Time

Well, to my continual shame, I dropped the ball for just short of a month on my blog. That’s right, it has been a MONTH since you had to listen to me rant, yell and scream – all with several grammatical errors. I told myself (and others) that it was because I was simply too busy – things were taking off at work. How can I find time? I don’t have time! Unfortunately, I didn’t make time. However, upon reflecting on this tragedy, I came to realize a couple things. During this period, I still:

  • saw friends
  • read my books
  • went to the gym
  • had my music lessons
  • worked
  • went on vacation
  • watched my episodes of South Park
  • played a little Xbox
  • took the time to cook some interesting meals
  • went surfing
  • went to movies

And on, and on. That’s when it quickly became apparent that it wasn’t due to me not being able to find time – I simply wasn’t making time. On my internal priority list, blogging had fallen off the pecking list, to a point where it wasn’t catching anything.

It’s amazing how quickly good habits slide. Something that seems to be second nature can easily become foreign and forgotten. I blogged almost every day for four months, then I didn’t blog once for almost a month straight. Surely the habit was built up after four months – so what happened? I let it slip, and just like the weeds quickly take an unattended garden, other activities took my blogging time.

What About You?

There’s my confession – what about you? It seems very universal that reading someone else’s story of procrastination and forgotten fruitful habits, we can’t help but reflect on things we have also let slide.  What have you let slide over the past week, month or year? What have you been reminding yourself to do today, only to have today turn in to tomorrow?

Here’s to admitting and course correcting. There’s nothing wrong with accidentally sailing your ship towards the reef, as long as you see it in time to course correct. I see that I let something slip and this is me publically committing to not letting it happen again. See you tomorrow!


Blair Livingston


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