Posted in July 2012

Stay Curious My Friends

Everyone knows the above ad campaign – and it ends with the famous, “stay thirsty, my friend.” However, there is a much simpler way to become the most interesting man (or woman) on the planet, without having to destroy your liver (although if you really  want to become the most interesting man, you will probably have to … Continue reading

Why I Got Rid of Cable

Last night, I spent a solid 5 minutes removing my TiVo box. I’m getting rid of cable TV (don’t worry, I am keeping the internet – how else would I blog?!). Getting rid of cable is the what, but in this blog post, I wanted to focus more on the why. Why I Got Rid of … Continue reading

Get The Most Out of Your Mornings

The morning is an interesting piece of time. I would guess that it has the widest range of productivity across the general population. Some people get a lot done in the morning – they go to the gym, read a couple pages of a book, and make a good breakfast. They have trained themselves to … Continue reading

Two Great Posts by Jim Rohn

I get an email every now and then from a library of documents that the late Jim Rohn put together. I thought that this morning I would post them, as they are both great. Here they are (these are his writings, not mine!), enjoy! Sophistication Sophisticated people don’t leave early. The man says, “Yeah, but I want … Continue reading

Internships: Leaving Your Mark

New hires tend to focus on the immediate things – running errands for their boss, doing little projects quickly, helping out on ad hoc tasks, and doing things whenever they pop up. While there is nothing wrong with any of those things (you should always be trying to do whatever you can to add value), … Continue reading

Sometimes, You Can Tell A Book by It’s Cover

I’m not talking about judging your appearances or personal style; I am talking about judging your environment. What can you tell by looking at someone’s environment? To a large degree, the relationship between the internal and external is largely symbiotic, and it scales. When you are young, your ability to influence the external is largely … Continue reading