I Need YOUR Feedback… AGAIN!

Last time, I promise! (For this month at least). I need you – yes YOU, the person reading this – and your intelligence to give me some feedback on the table of contents I have put together. Firstly, I want to say thank you to everyone who gave me feedback and input – there was about 20-30 of you, and you really made a difference! Secondly, I want to ask you all again – read the following table of contents and give me your opinion (via email, Facebook, LinkedIn or comment). I tried to answer all the questions that plagued me, but I might have missed some areas. So let me know!

The bold lines are the sections, with everything below that and indented a chapter. The idea is that it is written in a fragmented mode – a student can turn to any section or specific chapter and read it independently – it can also serve as a reference guide (i.e. I am about to interview, I go read the interview 101 chapter). Anyway, here it is:


·         Life is About to Change.

o    You’re Not in Kansas Anymore Dorothy.

o    Complete Freedom – Understand Your ‘Beta’

o    Your Life Over the Next Four Years (and beyond).

·         The Student Lifestyle: Things You Need to Know.

o    Financial (Getting a Bank Account, Setting a Budget, Cash is King, Understand Interest).

o    Food (You are What You Eat, Healthy Alternatives, First Year, Post First Year, Watch Where You Spend It)

o    Social (First Year is Friend Year, Choosing Roommates, Don’t be Shy, Get Out There, Watch Out for Relationships)

o    Physical (Get Some Exercise, Join a Team/Intramural, Watch your Health).

·         Your Academic Career.

o    Everything You Need to Know About Picking Courses.

o    No More Homework.

o    Understand Your Learning Style.

o    Get the Most Out of a Lecture.

o    When to Use a Study Group.

o    Studying vs. Cramming: Tips and Tactics.

o    Everything You Need to Know About Finals.

·         What They Won’t Teach You at University.

o    It’s More Than How Smart You Are.

o    Mentors: Why, How, When.

o    Ideas Don’t Matter, Execution Does.

o    Before Your First Job, Marks Matter.

o    After Your First Job, Marks Don’t Matter.

o    How to Set Goals – and How to Keep Them Current.

o    The Two Most Important Skills: Reading and Networking.

o    Build Your Network Early.

o    Developing a Vision for Your Life.

o    Success is Not Required.

·         The Complete Guide to All Things Employment

o    Resume 101.

o    Cover Letter 101.

o    Your Transcript – Know Your Story.

o    Getting an Interview.

o    Everything You Need to know About an Interview.

o    Following Up – the Differentiator.

o    Your First Internship.

o    Corporate Life.

o    Internship Takeaways.

o    Get to Know Your Boss.

o    Additional Internship’s – Mapping the Path.

o    Internships: Leave your Mark.

o    Turn an Internship into a Full Time Job.

o    Mapping out Your Summers.

o    Applying for Fulltime Jobs – Strategies.

·         Discovering YOU.

o    The Most Important Thing to do at University: Discover You.

o    Steps to Help Discover Your Passion.

o    Try Everything You Can.

o    Don’t Listen to Others.

o    Break the Mold.

o    Talk to Everyone You Can.

·         Achieving Personal Success: The Differentiating Factors.

o    Work Ethic.

o    Attention to Details.

o    Communication.

o    Passion.

o    Intelligence.

o    Curiosity.

o    Motivation/Drive.

o    People Skills

·         Lessons from the Other Side.

o    I Wish I Had Known: Pay vs. Experience.

o    I Wish I Had Known: Mentor/Boss vs. Position/Title.

o    I Wish I Had Known: Marks Matter.

o    I Wish I Had Known: Under Promise, Over Deliver.

o    I Wish I Had Known: You Really Can Fail

o    I Wish I Had Known: Failure is Universal, Recovery is Unique.

o    I Wish I Had Known: Chase Passion, Not Pay.

o    I Wish I Had Known: A Dream Job is Rarely Discovered by Accident.

o    I Wish I Had Known: University is an experience, not a process.

o    I Wish I Had Known: Why You Should Do Something Extra-Curricular.

o    I Wish I Had Known: Leverage Your Strengths, Manage Weaknesses.

o    I Wish I Had Known: Learn how to Learn.

o    I Wish I Had Known: Focus on the Process, not Results.

o    I Wish I Had Known: How to Study.

o    I Wish I Had Known: Beware the Bird Course.

o    I Wish I Had Known: Perspiration is More Important than Inspiration.

Please give me any feedback you might have, before I start writing! Thanks again everyone!


Blair Livingston


2 thoughts on “I Need YOUR Feedback… AGAIN!

  1. I concur with Josh! PS: I would like a signed copy 🙂

    Under “Achieving Personal Success: The Differentiating Factors.”, I would definitely include Creativity – and suggest fostering, developing, and continually exercising creative thoughts throughout University. One suggestion is, take on a marketing role in a campus club that you are actually passionate about (intrinsic motivation).

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