I Need YOUR Help!

So, you might have wondered “why does Blair put all this time into blogging?” – Well I wondered the same thing myself, and after some great advice from several people (you know who you are) I have begun formulating a reason: to turn it into a book

Step 1: The Book I Want To Write First

I have a very specific idea for this book, and for a series that would come from these books (more on that latter). The book I want to first write will be called something along the lines of “University: What I Wish I Had Known.” The idea of the book is to cover all the functional areas of university (living, personal, career, educational, social, etc.) and give some advice on those areas, some stories, a few ideas for ways to better approach it, and some general advice. Then, add in what I think is the real value add: a series of “I wish I had known” entries covering what the perception is, what the reality is, and what you should do about it.

Step 2: The Series

The ‘For Dummies’ series is great – it gives a basic overview of a job, industry, topic, etc. What it fails to do is share wisdom – there is no personal element to the book series. In most cases, it is written by one person, and covers more of the functional side of the topic – who, what, where when and why. What is missing is a book series that covers the personal and intimate side of a topic – and that is my vision.

Let’s say you want to start a restaurant – a great place to start would be to get a book on it. That, however, will only teach you the functional/surface level of running a restaurant. You might have a lot of questions that aren’t as scientific: how do you write a menu? What are the biggest pitfalls? Do you have any stories that explain those pitfalls? That’s where the “I Wish I Had Known” series comes in.

Imagine if you could go pick up a book on starting a restaurant that includes wisdom from dozens of successful restaurant owners that cover the things they ‘wish they had known’ when they were starting a restaurant? It would be so valuable! That certain segment also hasn’t been catered to with a universal brand. As I see it, one day I would love to see a huge breadth of books written on “I Wish I Had Known” – restaurants, schools, university, starting a family, etc. the possibilities are endless!

What I Need from YOU!

So, after that long explanation, what do I need from you? I need suggestions on things YOU wish you had known when you started university. It can be anything: your bank account, roommates, text books, picking classes, applying for internships, selecting a school, etc., just give me all the ideas you have! I want as much feedback as possible on this because I am sure I have a ton of blind spots! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me your thoughts, you can do this in a couple ways:

  1. Email me – livingston.blair@gmail.com
  2. Comment here – leave it below
  3. Facebook message me – http://www.facebook.com/blairlivingston
  4. Tweet @ me – blairlivingston
  5. Send a carrier pigeon – 120 Greenwich St Roost

If I end up using your feedback, I will give you 100% credit when I write the chapter (unless you want to remain anonymous, no problem!)

So, please please PLEASE take a few minutes today and give me some thoughts – let’s make this book together!



Blair Livingston



6 thoughts on “I Need YOUR Help!

  1. 1) Leverage your strengths instead of trying to fix weaknesses (aka don’t pursue a career in finance if you’re miserable at math)
    2) Focus on the process not the result – school built a skillset that was valuable to the workforce while offering little in terms of practical knowledge. Meeting a deadline, working in a group were way more valuable skills than knowing how to complete a SWOT analysis.

    Both of these are the result of students going in for the big pay cheque, and this – especially if your audience are business students – would be very hard to convince first years like I was otherwise.

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  3. Hey Blair,
    Enjoy reading your blog.

    I have some ideas of topics people could perhaps benefit from.

    1) The common misconception in high school of developing “good” study habits. i.e. The emphasis on spending a lot of time studying rather than studying efficiently.
    Building on this topic, how inefficient study habits translate to inefficiency in the workplace.
    2) Academic writing vs. Business writing.
    3) I know you already wrote something a while ago regarding social media and rather than trying to hide things using it to promote yourself. I think something like that it would fit in the “I wish I had known” series.

  4. I think it should definitely include some insights on how not to be a subject matter robot, i.e.if you want to be in finance, don’t take 10 finance classes in your senior year and sign up for the finance club and talk finance 24 x 7. All that does is show that you’re a robot.Take things that are counter-intuitive (bird courses or not is a different story…)

    Some of the brightest people I know have the most obscure backgrounds and it’s their ability to find analogies between things that makes them who they are.

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