What Will You Do This Weekend?

The weekend is a very unique piece of time. It is really the only extended period of uninterrupted time we get to ourselves, where work (usually) does not interfere. Weekends allow us the most variability in our life’s trajectory. The difference between someone who usefully utilizes an hour or two after work compared to someone who doesn’t is minimal in comparing someone who usefully utilizes a full weekend to someone who doesn’t. The difference compounds much faster.

What’s The Point?

I will try to be direct now, so here it is: lying ahead of you (us) is 48 hours of time. For young people especially, a large portion of this time is free time, it has yet to be allotted to any specific activity, and your duties are probably minimal at this point in your life. You have 48 hours to work on a new skill, read a new book, have a new experience or just generally stretch your mind and horizons.

A Call to Action

I don’t have a long winded philosophical argument today – just a simple call to action. In 48 hours (give or take), you will be arriving into work on Monday morning. What will you feel when you reflect back on your weekend? Will it have been time well spent, or time wasted? Will you have used the last 48 hours to add personal value and improve the next 48 hours, or will you need the next 48 hours to just play catch up to the wasted time? Do something of substance this weekend, something you can proudly reflect upon, and something that will add to your future. Chances are if you don’t, someone else will, and after enough weekends compounded, they will be the one enjoying the fruits of their labour, while the rest of us dread the 48 hour countdown to the next Monday. You can play now and pay later, or pay now and play later, but sooner or later everyone must pay. (Preachy, I know)



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