How Big Will Your Autobiography Be?

Here’s the basic question: how big will your autobiography be? Now let me tell you why I ask that.

I started reading Richard Branson’s autobiography – Losing My Virginity. The thing is a monster, over 600 pages if my memory serves me right (it has been known to fail me too). Here’s the punch line: that 600+ page autobiography covers only the first 43 years of his life!  He was able to fill a book that size with only half of his life – that’s amazing. Now you might be thinking ‘oh, I am sure he just goes into excruciating detail,’ and if you are thinking that, you would be wrong. The book moves at a rather brisk pace – he just has a lot to talk about – and that’s the crux of my post: when they write your autobiography, how big will it be? How much will you have to talk about?

What You Can Do About It

While I am not encouraging everyone to become Richard Branson (although the goal probably wouldn’t hurt you), I am encouraging you to ask yourself this question today: what have I done – or will I do – today, that would make it into my autobiography? If you get enough ‘nothing’s in a row, chances are you should take a step back and evaluate what you are doing. Now bear with me as I get philosophical.

You only get one swing at this thing we call life, and here’s the kicker: there is no guarantee how long it will be. One of my favourite sayings is “the most certain thing in life is that you will die, the most uncertain thing in life is when that will happen.” Take a few moments to take that in: you could read this blog post, stand up, and collapse from a blood clot travelling to your brain, never to wake again – life really is that fragile. So if you aren’t doing something you love right now, something that adds value to you and others – something that will make it into your autobiography – you should re-evaluate what you are doing, and why. Focus on doing activities that help you grow, expand your horizons and experience new things. Things that are worth sharing, worth pondering, and worth actually doing. Things that will one day make it into YOUR autobiography.


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