Momentum Monday: A Book for Action

For today’s Momentum Monday, I don’t have any personal idea’s to share with you – but an insight into my own problems, which I am sure many of you share. For me, the hardest part about implementing change is actually doing it! That seems obvious enough, but the question then arises: what can you do about it? 

My Solution

I’m getting to the point, but bear with me. Implementing personal change is hard because it’s a loose concept – you put in 30 minutes here, 60 minutes there, and something happens – or is it 60 minutes here and 30 minutes there? It’s hard to define, which means it’s even harder to execute (a very similar thought to my earlier post about why people like degrees/certificates). Here’s a question though, what if you had something to guide you through the process? Well, that’s my solution – it’s a handy little book that has been very interesting for me personally, it’s called: The Power of an Hour. The book provides enough of a framework to guide you through all the essential stages, but still enough freedom to do it at your own pace, and in the way that suites you.

The Book

This book will take you through key areas of your personal and professional life, and help you implement changes in those areas – one hour at a time. It can be one hour a day, one hour a week, or one hour a month – the great thing is, the book is structured in a way where you can figure it out yourself. Personally, I started at one hour a week, but after the first few, I got so excited that I switched it to one hour a day.

The book is structured in the following format: first, there is a couple pages giving background to the chapter; what, why and how. Usually, it is followed by some insightful questions on that chapter (perhaps personal blocks, relationships, your life’s vision, etc.). Then, there is an exercise at the end to turn your thoughts and answers into something actionable. The result? A very productive and insightful hour, which will have a huge impact on your day to day life. The greatest thing though is that this book covers almost every functional area, so it will give you that ultimate euphoric feeling: CLARITY!

So, if you are reading this post, and you feel stirred to action, I encourage you now, order the book and strike while the iron is hot! Don’t put it off until tonight, or this weekend, or the New Year. Do it now and you won’t regret it! I even put the link below to make it that much easier (and don’t worry, I’m not getting a referral)




Blair Livingston’s Blog



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