Never Under Estimate Your Network

I guess the title is actually two prong, but it would of been too long: never under estimate your network AND the power of the web.

When I started publishing this blog about 2 months ago, I didn’t really know what would happen to it. I wasn’t sure if it would take the form of an online journal (with no one viewing it) or if I actually would engage in dialogue with people. I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised. The thing I think I am most surprised with is the degree to which the viewership has proliferated. I thought originally it would only be friends and family reading it (in Canada), but it seems to have expanded beyond that. Just looking at the viewership (geographically speaking) over the last month has been a lot of fun, below is a list of viewer-ship by country (from highest to lowest):

And that is only one month of data! What really blew me away is that I don’t even know anyone in some of those countries! That is the power of the web – in a form that hit home more than it ever has before. Its amazing that someone as small and insignificant as myself can put something out there, and have it read by people all over the world – it really knocks you off your feet. Take a moment to absorb that. You could, today, start writing something – an opinion, a story, an article – and have it read by people all over the world. The barriers to entry – publishers, distributers, etc. – no longer exist. Type it up, post it, and share it. Everyone can have their say (for better or for worse).

As I look back on the last two months, it is with a smile and eager curiosity that I look forward to the next two months, waiting to see what surprises it will bring.


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