Posted in April 2012

I Wish I Had Known: Marks Matter

It really hurts me to say this, but here’s the truth: your marks matter. There’s nothing more amusing to me then someone who says that, although they don’t have a 3.0+ GPA, I shouldn’t worry; they’re street smart.  As someone who has done his fair share of interviewing and screening applicants, let me share the truth … Continue reading

I Wish I Had Known: Pay vs. Experience

Yesterday I found myself analysing many of my daily activities and goals – simply put: why was I doing what I was doing? As I worked through the list, I came to blogging; so, why am I blogging? At the very least, it’s a great way to practice writing, thought organization and debate. However, beyond improving those skills, I … Continue reading

Are You a Diamond Miner or Polisher?

Arguably there are many ways to categorize or label people – hard working, lazy, morning person, night owl, smart, wise, whatever else you can think of. Here are my thoughts on categorizing yourself in terms of your role in the idea generation and realization process – are you a miner or a polisher? The Diamond … Continue reading

MM: Don’t Think Outside the Box, Grow It!

This Monday I was reading over a couple books, and I came across a great chapter. It was talking about the old management/corporate slogan of ‘thinking outside the box’. I would categorize sayings like that with other similar mottos, such as ‘give it 110%’ – they really don’t make any sense. The author goes on … Continue reading

Take Some Time This Weekend

Take some time this weekend and stop to smell the flowers. I find we all get caught up in the day-to-day hustle that we forget to stop and enjoy life (I am definitely guilty of this). Life is incredibly short, and I have begun to start appreciating that more and more as I open my … Continue reading

How Are You Building a Community?

‘Community’ must be one of the top 10 buzz words right now for almost every company, firm and business in operation. Mark Zuckerburg said you can’t build a community – you can only find one that is currently communicating and give them a platform to communicate better. I would add to that – you can … Continue reading