Where Do You Go for a Feast of the Mind?

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I bet you if I asked almost anyone they could tell me their favourite place to eat – perhaps its sushi, ribs, wings, whatever – they know their favourite place to dine. I always find it amusing that people can usually dole out a dozen of their favourite places to feed their body, but ask them for one place where they go to feed their mind? They draw a blank.

This post builds on yesterday’s (to a degree), and builds on the basic idea that at times we ALL need inspiration, ideas and insight. No one has all the answers, and like our body, we need to feed our mind well if we want to get the most out of it.

Where do you go for Inspiration, Ideas and Insight?

It’s an interesting analogy to draw – that feeding our minds is like feeding our bodies. Let’s draw some similarities.

Junk Food – if you were to eat sushi every day, guess what – you would be out of shape, and probably well on your way to obesity. Maybe a crisis comes up and you need to call on your bodily strength, and it just won’t perform for you – no saving a stranger from that burning house. The same thing can be said with our minds. There is nothing wrong with reading Harry Potter or The Hunger Games (as I prepare to brace myself against the onslaught of angry messages), as long as these things don’t make up the majority of your mental diet. Just like eating sushi is fine every once in a while, reading junk food will have the same disastrous effects on your mind as it would on your body. Go where there is an abundance of nutrition.

Regular Meals – no one sits down once a month, eats 30 breakfasts, 30 lunches and 30 dinners, then says “well, I guess that’s it until next month.” You try instead to eat three meals a day, spaced out so you get the most out of them. This is the same thing with reading. Don’t be the person who sits down once a month and tries to expand their mind and read something good – it just doesn’t work that way. Another important point: there is no difference between those who can’t read, and those who don’t read.

Eat with Style – everyone loves to go out to a fancy restaurant or the new hot spot. Trying exotic and delicious food is a past time that we all enjoy. Employ the same inquisitive attitude in your reading palette. Never read a book of poems? Try it. Never turned a page of Shakespeare? Try it. By expanding your reading palette, you will become a better reader overall, and be able to better appreciate all writing.

Develop Favourites – you know the feeling, when you find a restaurant that has great food that is also good for you. You mark it down, tell your friends about it, and visit it frequently. The same should be said for your reading habits. Develop favourite authors, read their books over and over so you don’t miss a word or thought, share the book with friends, and have it on hand whenever you need council or inspiration.


We put a lot of thought into how we feed our bodies, but sometimes we miss out on putting thought into how we feed our minds. Your mind is perhaps your most valuable asset, and it should be treated as such. Put thought into what you read, and how often you read, and never be afraid to try something new – you just might like it.


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