Is It Really That Bad?

So I had a bit of an upset today. After driving to Waterloo, then driving back to Toronto, I realized I left my credit card at a restaurant in Waterloo – and it just so happens that I needed it. After a fit of swearing, smashing, and destroying everything in my path (for about 5 seconds), I sat back and realized – hey, this isn’t that bad.

Is It Really That Bad? A Little Perspective

So I left my credit card in Waterloo. I now have to drive about 3 hours (there and back) to get it – which will cost me about $50 in gas (give or take). Here’s the thing: it really isn’t that bad. If the worst thing that happens to me today is having to endure a three hour drive, and foot a fifty dollar bill, I am doing really well. It is kind of mind blowing to sit back and appreciate everything that DOSEN’T go wrong in your life. At the very base of things, I will not have to worry about my safety or basic needs today. Clean water is plentiful, and food is readily available. I can trust my government, my neighbours, and others I see on the street. I have roads and infrastructure, access to the internet, and a phone at all times. I don’t have any illnesses to worry about, no medications to take, and no doctor’s appointments. My body is functioning as it should. More importantly, none of my direct family has any dire circumstances facing them or their respective loved ones. I have found a job that brings me happiness, and do not need to worry about where my next paycheck will come from. I could go on and on – there are so many things that are going perfectly smooth in my life – it’s just the human condition to focuses on what’s broken, not what’s working; that’s why the squeaky wheel gets the oil. I really do have the ability and resources to pursue almost any direction I wish to take with my life – there is nothing holding me back at the moment – there is so much that is working perfectly to get caught up on the one thing that isn’t.

It’s All in Your Perspective

Next time something happens to you that upsets you, I encourage you to sit back and ask yourself: “is this really that bad?” Appreciate everything that is working in your life – then take it in context. Look to the bright side of things. Did you get fired? Well, count yourself fortunate that you had a job in the first place (a record percent of the population doesn’t), then appreciate that you are now free to look to other areas that might interest you, perhaps a new firm. Getting hung up on the negative will do nothing for you except compound the problem – change your perspective.

In the light of all of that – $50 and three hours really doesn’t seem all that bad, in fact, if that is the worst thing that happens today, I am happy!


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