Posted in March 2012

TedxWallStreet: My Notes

Today I had the priveledge of attending TedxWallStreet. The speakers varied from good to great, but there was definitely some value there. So on that idea, today I decided to share my notes with all my readers, so although you could not attend Tedx, you will get the gist of it! (forgive spelling and grammatical … Continue reading

How Hard are Things for You?

“A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner.” — English proverb  The above quote really hit me this morning. How often do we say “if only things were a bit easier”, “if only work was a little less stressful”, “if only the hours were a bit shorter”? The fact of the matter is, we all … Continue reading

It’s All About Culture

So I just finished reading Boomerang by Michael Lewis (book review to follow) and I think the general thesis of the author (whether or not he meant to be this prescient) is: It’s All About Culture What Did They Do? Here’s the opening argument for each group: what would they do when locked in a dark room … Continue reading

Where Do You Go for a Feast of the Mind?

If you like my blog, follow it by entering your email on the right-hand side – get updates to your inbox!   I bet you if I asked almost anyone they could tell me their favourite place to eat – perhaps its sushi, ribs, wings, whatever – they know their favourite place to dine. I always find … Continue reading

Can You Read? Not as Well as You Think!

Reading is an interesting skill. I would think that almost 100% (probably 100%) of people reading this blog can, well… read. You know how to interpret the characters on this page into words, and words into sentences, and so on. The question I am asking is not whether or not you know how to read, … Continue reading

Two Perspectives: A Ladder or a Bed

“Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves. They therefore remain bound. “ – James Allen Two Perspectives for Two Types of People There are a million ways to categorize individuals along the lines of outlook, personality type, skills, etc. I am going to add one more – their paradigm or … Continue reading

How Do You REALLY Move Up at Work?

Firstly, this is my own personal opinion, it may not be right, but I have seen it work over and over (both in my life, and others). So, how do you really move up at work? What Does It Mean to ‘Move Up’? It’s hard to define what moving up really means. To me, moving … Continue reading