Posted in February 2012

What Did You REALLY Get Done Today?

I don’t have any philosophical or long winded arguments today, just one basic question that I was asking myself (in a moment of reflection), and thought I would share with everyone else: “What did I get done today?” A day is easier to analyze then a week, as a month is easier to analyze then … Continue reading

The Next Thing to be Commoditized? Your Degree

Let’s face it, in every industry across the globe, products that were originally ‘bastions of value’ are becoming commoditized. Just look at the price of a computer over the last ten to twenty years – whereas original computers could sell in the high six figures, you can now get one in the low hundreds (and … Continue reading

Forward Movement Mondays

TGIM! So in the spirit of my post last Friday (TGIM!) I decided that a good idea would be to have one day a week dedicated to something actionable. As great as it is to philosophically stare at the world and remark on what’s works, what doesn’t, and what we can do about it, at … Continue reading

TGIF or TGIM? What Gets YOU Excited?

So, building on yesterdays post about asking the right questions, I decided to take an actionable example – how many of you today will say ‘TGIF!” (Thank God it’s Friday). Not that there’s anything wrong with being excited for the weekend – perhaps you just need a long overdue Facebook status update – the question is, however – … Continue reading

What Questions are you Asking?

Asking the right questions might just be one of the most valuable skills we can develop over the span of our careers. The mind frame it sets – critically analyzing anything that comes in, to determine your own answer – is essential to driving successful change and innovation. So, I ask, in your own life, … Continue reading

Book Review: Rework

Rework is written by the founders of 37Signals, the company that specializes in software and brought us Ruby on Rails (a programming API). The book is written as a ‘rules of thumb’ book, categorized into several sections by topical area. These include: Takedowns Go Progress Productivity Competitors Evolution Promotion Hiring Damage Control Culture As far as … Continue reading

What Has You Procrastinating? Tips to Stop

“Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried” – Anonymous  I doubt there is anything as dangerous as procrastination. Nothing seems to cause so much damage, yet so little day-to-day pain. The best definition I have heard of achieving successes is simply; making small, good decisions, day after day. On the other side of that … Continue reading

Creating an Online Brand: How?

So, in my last post, we talked about the importance of having an online brand. The gist is: it shows what you are interested in, and the depth of your interest. It shows you have an opinion, and can articulate that opinion – it shows how serious you really are (yes, I notice the self … Continue reading