Posted in January 2012

Goal Setting: A ‘Maturity’ Mismatch?

“The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” –Samuel Johnson I dont’ know how to properly phrase it, but as I see it, the biggest problem with goal setting is that altruistic goals happen in small increments in most cases – small successes repeated daily, … Continue reading

Review: The Art of the Start

As I read more and more, I have begun to notice a few key trends in what I would deem good, actionable books. Firstly, they are very open about referencing where they got some of their big ideas from (hopefully not all their big ideas). This is good for two reasons, one, it gives authenticity … Continue reading

Win/Win in the Financial Marketplace

I am now working my way through Guy Kawasaki’s “Art of the Start”, and I enjoyed his section on establishing a business model. The truth, he asserts, is that there aren’t many business models left to be discovered. A better bet is to take an existing business (let’s take the financial markets for instance) and … Continue reading

Review: Tribal Leadership

The next book I took a read through was Tribal Leadership. At first, I enjoyed the book. It was something specific (unlike many business books that are all over the place), covered a functional area, and gave specific and actionable steps to take in the real world. However, I think the book could of been … Continue reading

Review: What Would Google Do

 So this will be the first book review I do, partly to help me retain the information and contents of the book, but also to keep me honest and up to schedule on my book list. So here it goes, my review of Jeff Jarvis’s What Would Google Do. In my humble opinion the core … Continue reading

Disintermediation in the Markets

As I re-read Jeff Jarvis’s ‘What Would Google Do’ I couldn’t help but re-appreciate it at the same time. Having read it before my foray into sales and trading and now after, the rule of transparency and its negative effect on the middle man in any transaction really hit home. He highlights the movement first … Continue reading