What I’ve Learned So Far: Taking Aqaba

Lawrence: We’ve taken Aqaba. Brighton: Taken Aqaba? Who has? Lawrence: We have. Our side in this war has. The wogs have. We have… Brighton: You mean the Turks have gone? Lawrence: No, they’re still there but they’ve no boots. Prisoners, sir. We took them prisoners, the entire garrison. No that’s not true. We killed some, … Continue reading

Day 5: The Easiest Way to Navigate a Snow Storm

Snow storms are blinding – it’s easy to get disoriented, confused, and lost. Usually in a snow storm, you can only see a few feet in front of you. Maintaining your original trajectory can be difficult and sometimes impossible depending on the conditions. Also, looking for familiar signs and landmarks can be difficult – you … Continue reading

Day 4: Everything Other than Product is Noise

At the end of the day, everything other than your product is noise. It might be important (and don’t get me wrong, many non-product things are VERY important), but it’s not the main focus. Your main focus is your product. Let me elaborate. Distinguishing Noise from Product Starting a new company, there are a LOT … Continue reading

Day 3: Understand All the Tools Available to You

Most people like to jump right in – they want to start building something, start moving forward, start achieving ‘progress’. The unfortunate thing that by starting too early, you can either end up achieving progress at a slower rate, or actually hurting yourself – moving forward in the wrong direction can be worse than not … Continue reading

Day 2: Learn the Guts

So, here is my first insight following on the topic of things I have come to appreciate, learn, or discover while starting a company: learn the guts. Everyone loves to be the ‘50,000 foot’ thinker – tackling problems from a high level then delegating the small parts – it’s where the glory is after all! Come … Continue reading

The New Purpose of my Blog

When something has a purpose, it is much easier to define the direction. When you know where you want to get, it’s a lot easier to figure out how to get there. This blog started as a collection of random ponderings and thoughts. I will admit, at the start it was unfocused, scattered and random. However, something … Continue reading

How Are You Keeping Track of Lessons?

Every day we learn lessons – some more important than others. We might learn something as basic as proper social conduct, how to hold a fork, or another basic skill – but we might learn something advanced and insightful, like how to offer an employee advice and guidance, how to share bad news, or how … Continue reading

Take a Moment Today

Yesterday while at the gym, I found myself watching an episode of Star Trek on the TV (I know, I am so exceedingly cool…) In this episode, the crew discovers a planet with strange regenerative properties. The chief engineer who is blind (the one who wears the strange visor) has his sight mysteriously restored  so … Continue reading